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Unique gifts

Your child's drawing on a...

Looking for a unique gift for Mum, Dad, or a grandparent (or anyone else for that matter)?  I can take your child's drawing and convert it into a stencil that can then be hand-painted onto a hoodie, t-shirt, tote, or tea towel in a colour of your choice. The stencil can only be used once, ensuring that this gift is completely unique.  This is a very personal gift that serves as a wonderful way of preserving your child's artwork.

The process for transferring your artwork onto a garment is firstly the production of a stencil as identical as possible to the original drawing and then handpainting the artwork onto the garment.  The original drawing is not required, a photo will be sufficient, or a scanned copy.  Please email me if you have any questions about this service and I am very willing to discuss possibilities.  The signature of the artist can be transferred too!

The ideal drawing is a line drawing in only one or two colours.  For this service please contact me and we can discuss details.